Fika Brasil Terra Preta Coffee Beans 250g

Speciality coffee roasted in Durham.

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Caramel, Nuts, Fruity and Sweet
Yellow Bourbon
: Natural

Notes from Fika Coffee Roasters: This direct trade coffee is sourced through Cal’s coffee. Cal works here in the UK selling his family’s coffee ensuring the beans are fully traceable, and the supply chain is transparent. With a cupping score of 86+, Terra Preta is an award winning farm in the Alta Mogianna region. It comes with certifications from Rainforest Alliance and is UTZ certified. The coffee has a remarkable aroma, soft body and natural sweetness.

In 2016, Terra Preta won 13th place in the Cup of Excellence Brasil naturals awards. The current owners are the 4th generation of family farmers who combine tradition with the latest technology.