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The main aim of our farm shop is to support other local producers as well as selling our own homemade Cross Lanes products.

We offer an impressive selection of local, organic, healthy, environmentally friendly food, drink and household/personal care products. We offer a choice for everyone, also now selling some known favourite branded items.

Within the shop there is a butcher’s counter, a delicatessen, our chef’s frozen ready meal selection, store cupboard ingredients, fresh fruit and vegetables and gift section with local crafts.

We work with suppliers who share the same commitment to sustainability and quality as we do.  A growing consumer interest in food traceability, concern about food miles and support for the local economy are foremost in our business ethic, with consumers able to obtain organic foods which are produced focusing on animal welfare with appropriate use of the land as far as is possible and a strong emphasis on protecting the environment.

Our shop has an unusual set out unique to Cross Lanes and our ethos, with modular display bays using recycled tractor tyres and upcycled telegraph poles. Part of the shop interior still utilises shelving which was obtained from the closure of the Barnard Castle Woolworths store in December 2008.

Cross Lanes Ready Meals
Organic Ready Meals

We’ll make it for you

We sell a large range of our own delicious Cross Lanes homemade products in the shop. All made by our chefs and kitchen team in our kitchens.

We have an extensive range of frozen organic ready meals and pies which are prepared by our own chefs in the Cross Lanes kitchen.  The meals use our own quality meat from our butchers, 100% grass fed beef, rarebreed pork and lamb. We also have a range of tasty vegetarian meals and side dishes.  These ready meals are quick and easy to use, straight from the freezer, nutritious and tasty, quality is not compromised.

To complement the savoury, we also have a selection of homemade frozen desserts and a wide range of sweet treats including our very popular organic ginger biscuits, shortbread, brownie, tiffin and traybakes.  

What’s in our farm shop?

Dairy Products from local organic Acorn Dairy, fresh milk, cream and butter are stocked in our farm shop, used in our kitchen and served in our restaurant.

Eggs a choice of organic from James Potter, Northallerton and The Lakes, Penrith. We also supply trays of free range eggs from Clark’s Eggs.

Organic Fruit & Vegetables from The Organic Pantry at Tadcaster and Organic North Wholesalers.  

Baking Goods We have a wide range flours from local organic millers at Little Salkeld Water Mill, Crakehall Water Mill, Shipton Mill and Doves Farm. Steenbergs Organics based in Ripon supply a range of organic herbs, spices and baking ingredients.

Jams, Preserves, Oils We have a selection of local jams and preserves from local supplier in Yorkshire, Rosebud Preserves and oils from Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil.

Delicatessen Our deli counter offers a choice of over 50 cheeses including a range of organic, local and traditional varieties. We have some wonderful local cheeses in our area; Cotherstone Cheese, the longest standing, a traditional farmhouse cheese using an old family recipe handed down. Teesdale Cheesemakers and Weardale cheese are both a handmade artisan cheese who are continuing to increase their range.

Local Honey South Durham Honey produce 100% unblended raw English honey, their bees access County Durham farmland and the banks of the River Wear with all its wonderful wildflowers. Our customers can’t get enough of George’s honey, we certainly keep his bees busy.

Confectionary We can help you make healthier choices,  with sugar free, no added sugar, sweetened with stevia options, all still a delicious treat.  We stock an organic range of chocolate, your favourite branded treats and homemade fudge from Canny Candy Gadgies, Newcastle.

Wine we undoubtedly have the best range of organic wines in the region, we use specialist organic wine suppliers Vintage Roots and Vinceremos. The organic angle allows us to benefit from an emerging trend for low sulphur wines or no sulphur wines which are amongst our biggest sellers. Sulphur Dioxide is the most widely used and controversial additive in winemaking. It is used to kill off unwanted moulds, bacteria and yeasts and as an antioxidant to inhibit oxygen spoiling the wine.  For an increasing number of people it can cause allergic reactions. All certified organic and biodynamic wines contain regulated low average levels of sulphites, compared to many conventional wines. Our customers enjoy the mainstream lines such as Malbec from Argentina and merlot from Spain. We stock some fantastic top-quality organic English wines, with whites and sparkling at the forte with award winning vintages.

Local Beers & Spirits We have an extensive array of local beers and spirits, growing all the time with the micro-breweries and micro distilleries establishing. Our collection of beers are from the Yorkshire Heart Brewery, Allendale Brewery and Three Brothers Brewery, and handcrafted gin from the Spirit of Swaledale, Masons Gin and singgin.

Gluten Free and Vegan We have an increasing range of gluten free and vegan products.

Raw Organic Fermented Food & Drink We have an increasing array of fermented gut health products all loaded with goodness and beneficial live bactera such as sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, apple cider vinegar ‘with the mother’ and kefir.

Local Crafts & Artwork We support local artists and crafts, constantly introducing new gift ideas into our farm shop.

Eco Friendly Products We have an extensive range of sustainable eco-friendly products from toiletries to laundry products. No harsh chemicals, helps reduce plastics, kind to skin and environmentally friendly.

Refill Station for Ecover products with laundry liquid, fabric softener, washing up liquid and all purpose cleaner. We have added to our refill range with delicate laundry liquid, handwash, floor soap, toilet cleaner, and Faith in Nature shampoo. Reduce, reuse and recycle your plastic, call in and use our refill stations.

Refill Revolution we sell a very colourful range of water bottles from Chillys With the aim of refilling and reusing so reducing plastic water bottles  purchased. We do free tap water refills as part of the Refill North East campaign.

Locally handmade natural beeswax wraps, an environmentally plastic alternative, no more clingfilm, use, wash and reuse. Perfect for storing food in.

Reuseble straws are available in stainless steel, glass, bamboo.

Natural Body Care We have a fantastic range of body care products using both natural ethical ingredients and packaging. Working with Organic J who is extremely passionate about the ingredients used, products are free from palm oil, paraben, lanoline, paraffin, SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) and SLES (Sodium laureth sulfate). Organica J makes artisan comfrey ointment and organic aromatherapy skincare products. We also sell deodorants with no aluminium chlorohydrate or toxic ingredients, bamboo toothbrushes 100% biodegradable, toothpaste with no artificial flavourings or preservatives and cotton pads and buds made with 100% organic cotton and paper stem buds. We also sell biodegradable menstrual products and nappies using natural materials and 100% certified organic cotton, no plastics, perfumes or chlorine. Conventional tampons and pads can contain pesticides, harmful dyes, and toxin.

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