Our greenhouse is situated just to the back of our building, and has been for many years.

 It was once utilised for numerous things; growing produce, a tranquil area on our land, a pop up drinks station when we used to hold out door events. Though once the pandemic hit, it unfortunately became slightly neglected. 

However, we have recently put our foot back in the door and started to use it to its full potential! 

We have rebuilt the beds, cleaned up the pathways, pruned the plants and started replanting seeds in order to grow our own produce! 

Keep your eyes peeled for updates on what we’re going to do with the area and our progress on growing plants and vegetables!


It’s all starting to grow! 

Now is the perfect time to begin planting, as the frost of the winter has began to ease and the warmer weather is approaching! 

We have started planting an array of plants and vegetables including carrots, garden peas, lettuces, red onions, white onions and aubergines! 

Our plan is to use this homegrown produce in our kitchen to be served in our cafe, and possibly offer the sale of what we have grown too! 

Keep your eyes peeled!