Beef and Red Wine Gravy

Our Chef’s frozen Ready Meals are delivered in WoolCool insulated packaging with ice packs. Just pop in the freezer on arrival or defrost in the fridge and use within 3 days.




Ingredients: Water, *Beef Stock, *Onions, *Red Wine(SULPHUR DIOXIDE), *Garlic, *Carrot, *Leek, *Beef Stock Cubes(Sea Salt, *Palm Oil,*Maize Starch,*Glucose Syrup,*Raw Cane Sugar,*Onions,Yeast Extract,*Beef powder(2.3%),*Caramelised Sugar,*CELERY, *Mushrooms, Natural flavourings,*Carrots,*Garlic,*Parsley,*Tumeric, *Rosemary,*Pepper,*Laurel), *Balsamic Vinegar, *Pepper, Salt .

Denotes Organically Produced. Text in CAPITALS highlights allergens.