Delicious Recipes using Rare Breed Leg of Pork

Pork Leg

Our organic rare breed outdoor reared leg of pork can be used for many different dishes. This prime hind quarter cut provides lovely lean delicious meat. Be sure to slow cook it to ensure when served it is tender, juicy and full of flavour. Our pork leg is a must for a roasting joint, this […]

5 Organic Apple Recipes


We love our stock of Organic Fruit, particularly our juicy and crunchy apples. We all know that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” because Apples are so rich in fibre, vitamins, and minerals. Here, we have shared our favourite recipes to incorporate your daily apples into your daily life. We get our Organic […]

Quality Vegetarian Frozen Ready Meals

Organic Ready Meals

We have an extensive range of vegetarian frozen organic ready meals, which are prepared by our own Chefs in the Cross Lanes kitchen. Our ready meals are quick and easy to use, perfect for a fuss-free yet delicious dinner! Just pop in the freezer upon arrival ready for any day of the week. We pride […]

My Journey Back to Meat

I found Cross Lanes Organic Farm back in early 2018, and have been a regular visitor/shopper ever since. Back in 2018 I was in a sorry old state health wise, and due to a severe injury I was unable to work, walk or drive. Searching the internet for an organic café, where my husband and […]

5 Organic Whole Chicken Recipes

Roast chicken

We love our Organic Whole Herb Fed Chicken. The animals are truly free to roam outside and make use of their natural instincts. Fresh herbs are introduced into the chicken’s diet to enhance the natural flavour of the meat. Such pecking and foraging keeps the birds occupied resulting in a happy and extremely healthy bird. […]

5 Organic Pork Recipes

5 Organic Pork Recipes

We love our Organic Rarebreed Pork. The animals are raised on the pastures of our family farm next to Cross Lanes, giving a real focus on shortening supply chains from farm gate to consumer. Simon (the Farmer) has gradually established his rare breed organic pig herd of Berkshires, Tamworths, Gloucester Old Spots and Mangalitsa pigs. […]

5 Organic Lamb Recipes

We love cooking with Organic Lamb – it’s one of our favourite meats, so full of flavour and when you buy the right meat and it’s cooked right it can be so deliciously tender! Lamb is naturally rich in protein, low in salt and provides seven essential vitamins and minerals that supports good health and […]