5 Organic Breakfast Recipes

5 Organic Breakfast Recipes

We love breakfast and truly believe it is the most important meal of the day. By starting your day off with a delicious, good quality meal you are fuelled and ready for the day ahead. You can find all our Organic Products online or in our farm shop. Nationwide delivery available.   Organic Full English […]

The Ultimate Organic Full English Breakfast

Full English Breakfast

At Cross Lanes Organic Farm, we love a good classic ‘fry up’. We believe the full English Breakfast is one of the best meals created if you use the right ingredients! Here is our fool proof method for the right timings to build your Ultimate Organic Full English Breakfast using our great quality products. You […]

5 Recipes Using Organic Breakfast Sausages

Organic Sausages

Our succulent meaty breakfast sausages are served everyday in the Cross Lanes organic restaurant. You can also buy them online or in our farm shop to serve at home. Our chefs and butchers work closely to create sausages packed full of flavour with our own Rarebreed Pork, homemade seasoning recipe and homegrown herbs. You can […]