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Organic Granary Loaf

You can’t beat the smell of freshly baked bread!

Fresh organic bread is made daily at Cross Lanes in our bakery, the bread is used in our organic kitchens, sold in our farm shop & we supply a number of wholesale customers.

Rebecca is our talented baker, keeping us stocked with everything we need and always trying new ideas. Bread isn’t just a loaf of bread, bread is exciting and can be made with many different ingredients, processes, formed into different shapes and can be used on menus in many different ways.

We keep the kitchen stocked with lovely fresh buns for hot breakfast sandwiches, cold sandwiches, our popular grass fed chefs burgers & rolls for soups.  Loaves are sliced making the most amazing toast served with breakfast.

We produce a range of different types of breads to sell in the farm shop from white, wholemeal, granary, to rye, spelt, sourdough and flatbreads with various toppings including blue cheese, walnuts, mozzarella and tomatoes.

Our homemade gluten free bread is regarded by a number of our customers as the best around. In the restaurant it is used as a gluten free alternative to go with our special dishes and for making sandwiches. We also sell the loaves frozen in the farm shop.

There are always plenty of homemade tea cakes and these go down a treat, full of spice and fruit, toasted with a spread of Acorn Dairy butter to make a tasty snack alongside a cup of tea or coffee.

Have a look on our online shop at our bread.

Popular Products

Organic Sourdough

We love our sourdough

Sourdough bread has more nutrients and vitamins than other breads, promotes gut health and metabolic health. This real bread uses a slow fermentation process, naturally leavened allowing the bacteria to break down the carbohydrates and gluten, also neutralizes the phytic acid making it easier for the body to digest. 

At its simplest genuine sourdough is made using just three ingredients, flour, water and salt. We think there has got to be a 4th … love! We have a few different starter cultures including wholemeal, rye and a gluten free one and these are fed and looked after daily.

Our sourdough loaves get snapped up quick.

Who we supply

We have a busy bakery supplying wholesale bread.

We supply bread to Acorn Dairy for their doorstep customers across the region, this is on the return trip to their milk deliveries into us.

Organic North Wholesalers collect our bread, biscuits, cakes & vegetarian ready meals on the back of their weekly fruit and veg delivery, then distribute it across the North of England for us to all their fantastic customers.

When Piercebridge Organic Farm cafe is open they use our bread on their daily menu, we use their eggs & chickens.

If anyone business is interested a bread supply from us just get in contact.  Likewise, if any customers would like something specfic ordering, such as sourdough, spelt, gluten free or anything else then just ask.

To place an order or for any enquiries: Ring 01833 630619 or email

Organic Bread