My Journey Back to Meat

I found Cross Lanes Organic Farm back in early 2018, and have been a regular visitor/shopper ever since. Back in 2018 I was in a sorry old state health wise, and due to a severe injury I was unable to work, walk or drive. Searching the internet for an organic café, where my husband and myself could also take our dog, we found this wonderful place. The staff embraced us from our very first visit, we loved everything about it, the café, the food, the coffee, and the shop which is stocked full of such high quality organic produce, that it very quickly became our primary shopping destination.

At that time I was consuming an organic vegan diet, having been vegan/vegetarian for over 30 years. I didn’t know at the time, but predominantly vegetarian diets are composed of components that can inhibit mineral bioavailability so I wasn’t receiving the nutrients I needed.

“bioavailability is the proportion of the nutrient that is digested, absorbed and metabolized through normal pathways”

My health had been failing for quite some time, and I had a cupboard stocked full of supplements, in an attempt to keep my body in good working order. I lived a yoga/spiritual lifestyle and believed a vegetarian lifestyle was for the greatest good of the planet as well as my mind/body/soul.  I was surrounded by folk who thought the same way so I hadn’t challenged the diet and the effect on my body.  Now through personal experience and in-depth research, I now this lifestyle was not right for my body.

As my health deteriorated further, both my Wellness Practitioner and my son advised I introduce some meat into my diet but it was something I felt unable to do, for many reasons!

My son had been on a Ketogenic Diet for a good few years, following research on how to avoid Dementia, as there was a family history. He felt great on this new way of eating, and his ankle arthritis had also disappeared, so he decided to start training for marathons, carb free. With a number of races under his belt, and feeling healthier still, he dropped the carbs/sugars altogether and went all out on the ‘Carnivore Diet’ (more info on the carnivore diet can be found at the bottom of the post) and he continues to thrive on this high fat diet. Meanwhile I struggled on!

Deteriorating rapidly at this point, I was suffering from joint and muscle aches, brain fog, tiredness, IBS, sensitive teeth and gums, and I felt pretty miserable. I started reacting to certain foods, and then more and more foods, until I actually couldn’t eat anything without suffering in some way.

My pain was exacerbated to the point where I was ending up in hospital (taken by ambulance) on a regular basis. I was prescribed anti-histamines and HRT. Throughout my life I have taken medication where needed, but always try to find a natural solution to holistic wellbeing, and drop the traditional medications as soon as sensibly possible.

This time I was determined it would be no different so I set about fervently researching ancestral ways and diet, and with the guidance of my Wellbeing Practitioner (Katy Vaioleti of Teesdale Wellness Care, Barnard Castle) and my son, I embarked on re-introducing meat into my diet. I also cut out all plants, grains and sugar.  I went from strength to strength.

Within one month I had cut the supplements down to half, had stopped the HRT and only took the anti-histamine occasionally when I had to, rather than daily as had been prescribed.  Within two months I had dispensed with all of these ‘crutches’.  I experienced a decrease in symptoms of autoimmune disease, lowered my blood pressure, improved digestion, had improved mental clarity, improved focus, improved mood, decreased inflammation, and increased my energy.

My diet now consists mainly of pasture fed egg yolks, sheep cheese, organic butter coffee, and the super-important 100 % Grass Fed Organic Beef (which has bioavailability of over 98% meaning I’m getting all the minerals and nutrients I need) and I feel amazing. I’m not saying I don’t treat myself to grains, sugars or alcohol now and again, but they are a treat and not a staple.

I understand there will be people who might worry about a diet high in saturated fat. But I believe our beliefs and perceptions, over the past few decades, have been molded by information coming from Big Food Corporations and Big Pharmaceutical Companies , who have made us ‘fear’ saturated fats and cholesterol, perhaps for their own profits rather than our health and wellbeing? New research suggests Cholesterol to be one of the most beneficial molecules for our health.

We are all unique individuals, and there is no such thing as ‘one fits all’, but this way works for me and I have a new love of life. I feel so good. In October 2019 I felt so much better that I embarked on a new hobby, wild-swimming. After completing a course in  ‘Cold Water Acclimatization’ at H2O Trails I managed to swim twice a week, right the way through last winter . . . wearing only a swimming costume and hat, no neoprene in sight! So far this winter, I am managing three times a week and feeling amazing.

I thank everyone at Cross Lanes Organic Farm from the bottom of my heart, for their continued help and support. I have a brand new exciting life, renewed health and wellbeing, and I owe so much to their excellent organic produce.


With huge thanks to Dianne Jackson-Roberts for writing this from all the team at Cross Lanes Organic Farm.

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