Liver and Onions

Why We Should Learn to Love Liver

A nutrient dense power house, what’s not to love!

(just avoid when pregnant)

Once a very popular food, liver has very much fallen out of favour, yet it truly is a ‘super food’ and we are here to try and convince you why you need to consider including this good value cut in your diet.  We have our sweeter tasting, tender in texture Organic Pigs Liver, along with the stronger flavoured Organic Grass Fed Ox Liver (with the additional benefits it’s Pasture for Life label brings) available in our shop or on line to get you started.

Already a big favourite with our Paleo and Keto following customers, we feel it needs to be shared with you all.

Liver provides

Vitamins B12 –  essential for red blood cell function, bone health, improved mood, memory loss prevention, energy, healthy hair, skin and nails.

Vitamin A – boost immune system and vision

Vitamin D – vital for regulating absorption of calcium and phosphorus, it supports normal growth, healthy bones and teeth, together with boosting resistance to disease.

Riboflavin (B2) – major contributor to energy production, cellular function, growth and development.

Folates (B9) – crucial role in cell growth and formation of DNA, with low levels linked to heart disease, strokes and increased cancer risks. (liver is to be avoided during pregnancy so not used as a source for this)

Iron & Copper – Important to production of red blood cells which carry oxygen around the body.

Choline – a valuable support to many functions of the body to include cell structure heart health, improved memory, cognition and general brain development.

Protein – a high quality source, vital for life, building and preserving muscle

General consensus is that people are not only scared of eating liver, but also touching and cooking it.  However, there are so many ways to include it in your diet other than hiding it under mashed potatoes, drowned in gravy and telling the kids it is actually steak.  You can also include it chopped up and minced with beef (ideally Pasture for Life of course…) to make burgers, chilli, bolognese or cottage pies, using lots of delicious herbs and spices to compliment the strong taste.


Organic Ox Liver

Just to get you in the mood, check out these following recipes.

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Have a look at our online shop to purchase your liver now from our butchers.

We have even done the job for you if you would like to choose a liver dish from our Chef’s readymeals.

Organic Pork Liver