Organic Grassfed Topside of Beef

Recipes Using Organic Beef Topside

We love our Organic Shorthorn Beef! At Cross Lanes, we have our own certified Organic 100% Grass-fed Beef Shorthorn, which is also certified with Pasture For Life! Both certifications guarantee that the customer’s meat has come from an animal that has been raised on a 100% natural diet of fresh or conserved pasture for its entire life.

Our Organic and 100% Grass-Fed Beef produce consistently receives very positive feedback from customers, for great taste, flavour, texture and tenderness.

In this blog post we will be looking at how you can use our Organic Grass Fed Beef Topside to create some delicious recipes. We love cooking with the topside because it is naturally lean with light marbling so can be used in many different dishes. We always sell our topside covered with a generous layer of fat to keep it moist during cooking to add flavour and ensure your beef roasts perfectly.

You can find our Organic Grass Fed Beef Topside, PFLA Certified here. We deliver Nationwide and it is also available in the Farm Shop.

Organic Roast Topside of Beef

A classic Roast Beef dinner is perfect for feeding the crowds with minimum fuss. This dish has a five-star quality because its bark-like, gnarly coating from the seasoning and searing adds ounces of flavour.

We serve our Organic Grass Fed Shorthorn Topside in our Organic Restaurant every Sunday, it makes the perfect classic roast served with all the trimmings.

Get your hands on a quality cut of our Organic Grass Fed Beef Topside here. Nationwide delivery available.


Organic Beef Stroganoff

This classic creamy Beef Stroganoff recipe uses mushrooms, beef, soured cream and a glug of brandy. If you are wondering what to do with Leftover Roast Beef, this stroganoff could be perfect!

You can use our Organic Grass Fed Beef Topside to make a recipe that’s the height of luxury. Nationwide delivery available.


Organic Roast Beef Sandwich

Roasting this lean cut of Topside Beef low and slow will give your Organic Beef Sandwich a delicious, juicy filling. You could accompany with a loaf of our Organic freshly baked bread, horseradish sauce and grilled onions.


Organic Mongolian Beef

Mongolian Beef is a combination of juicy beef steak with a sweet and savoury sauce made from the brown sugar, with hints of ginger and garlic, rounded off with soy sauce. Who needs Chinese takeout when you can make it yourself in 30 minutes or less?

Our Butcher recommends using our Organic Grass Fed Beef Topside for tender, melt in your mouth perfection.


Organic Slow Cooker Beef

This recipe creates a Fall-Apart-Tender Braised Topside of Beef when carved. Slow cooking makes the meat so tender and gives it a real depth of flavour. We would serve with mashed potatoes and savoy cabbage for a warming dinner.

We sell our Organic Grass Fed Beef Topside on our website or farm shop, perfect for this recipe! Simply adjust your ingredients to the size of joint your cooking. Nationwide delivery available.