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Sandy & Simon


Sandy and Heather manage our traditional butchers shop which sits within the farm retail shop.

You can contact them directly on:

Cross Lanes Butchers Tel: 01833 694395


Our home reared rare breed pork & grass fed shorthorn beef are now available in the butchers.



We now have our own grass fed shorthorn (see our farm page), the first of these came into the butchers in early 2013 and the meat sold exceptionally well with demand certainly outstripping supply, and it returned in February 2014 with hopefully now a consistent supply. Our Shorthorn have been reared and finished on the rich clover pastures of Brignall without any supplementary feeding. The grass fed diet leads to a creamy soft yellow coloured sweet tasting fat which is higher in Omega 3 oils. This is one of the lesser known health benefits of grass fed traditional rare breed meat. It also has a rich natural source of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). The end product is marbled beef giving the meat a unique flavour, being succulent and tender.

We can also source organic beef from Richard & Beverley Ward of Cragg Top, only 7 miles away.


Grass Fed Shorthorn

Lamb & Mutton

We source our organic lamb and mutton from Richard & Beverley Ward of Cragg Top, only 7 miles away. We also have organic lamb on the family farm which we utilise and we occasionally get organic lamb from Steven Pierson, Hook House Farm, Northallerton from whom we get our organic turkeys at Christmas.



Find out more about our rare breed pork here. The meat from the rare breed pigs makes fantastic succulent sausages!! 



We get our organic chicken from Piercebridge Organic Farm only 13 miles away.


Cross Lanes's own products

We dry cure our own bacon and gammons, these are very popular with our customers, particularly after they've sampled the bacon in our breakfast in the cafe. We make organic pease pudding which is available on the delicatessen and served in a sandwich in the cafe with some of our roast ham.


Testimonial: "The large Shorthorn Sirloin we had for last weekend was TERRIFIC! There were 12 of us plus one, we had a young man driving the oven and he did get a bit hot under the collar - kept talking about "let the beef speak for itself" - so it was just plain roasted with several halved Spanish onions and herbs and lots of ground pepper. We had planned "cold cuts" but every scrap was eaten". Kiki & Kurt Angelrath, Norfolk.


Testimonial: "We bought a lovely piece of Topside last weekend. Entertaining people who really know good food, the judgement was that this was the finest beef they had ever eaten. Even children with no great appetite for meat had two or three helpings each – what should have lasted three days was severely hammered by the enthusiastic gannets.” David Wallace-Lawrence (Barnard Castle).


Testimonial: "I have just cooked some of your pork off your farm and we all agreed it is far better than supermarket pork .... Absolutely lovely”. Jenna.



Opening hours

Mon - Sat 8.30am to 5.00pm

Sun 10am - 5.00pm

Tel: 01833 630619


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